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Versuri Have A Banana! (Speech)

Brian Matthew: Is that it? Is that the end? Paul: Yeah, yeah, that's it. John: Fade, fade! Brian: Good track. Oh, well, we'll stop there, stop there, stop there. John: What an end! Brian: Quiet! All right, George. John: Fade! Brian: Hold it! George: Oh, thank you. John: Fade, you silly. Brian: Well, we did. We did that. Oh, no! No! We've done that bit! John: The train comes in now. Brian: We did that. John: Yeah. Brian: To pove we weren't playing the record, then, you see. 'Cause, otherwise, there's no point in you being here, is there? Ha, ha, ha! John: Yeah, we did that, 'cause it sounds just like it, don't it? Brian: Pretty cool lot of fellows, aren't you? Here, Ringo, have a banana, catch! cantece mp3 cantece asculta versuri Diverse descarca. Album Have A Banana! (Speech) cuvintele ultima melodie asculta muzica straina The Beatles versuri melodiei ultima melodie.

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