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Versuri Happy Endings

Well, imagine it's a film and you're the star and pretty soon we're coming to the part where you realise that you should give your heart, oh, give your heart to me. And now the orchestra begins to make a sound, that goes round & round & round & round & round & round & round & round & round again we kiss to violins. Well some sad people might believe in that I guess. But we know better don't we? We know all about the mess. The aftermath of our affair, is lying all around and I can't clear it away. No. And d'you think that it's so easy to find? Somebody who is just your kind? Well it might take you a little time, but I'm going to have to try. Oh yeah I'm gonna try. And I know no-one can ever know, which way to head. But don't you remember, that you once said, that you liked happy endings? And no-one can ever know, if it's going to work, but if you try, then you might get your happy ending.

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