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I was alone and frightened Until you came along I was afraid of everyone You showed me I was wrong You came into my life And helped me take a stand I feel so whole inside now Come and take my hand You belong to me You can never leave I'll show you off to my friends You see they're so impressed Together we must look so cool I bet they never guessed That I could be someone And with you by my side Anyone who disrespects Has got no place to hide Favorite toy I am happy now I know you're happy, too Every guy around my neighborhood Wishes he had you Nobody stare at me Don't they know who I am? We'll take that smile right off his face We'll take his life for fun

Cantece piesa descarca mp3 asculta versuri piesa. Muzica straina ultima melodie mp3 album Shades Apart cuvinte piesa versuri cuvinte Gun mp3.

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