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[Intro] Oh yeah, oh Oh yeah What good is the money When lately we've been missing each other Cuz we've got work and kids, you know how it goes Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 We spend most of the time chasing that dough But not tonight, we're gonna both get fly Call your momma, tell her come over So we can have quality time Cuz it's been too long since I held you in my arms I can't wait no more, I'm ready to oooo 1 - You make me wanna Do thangs, do thangs, them grown thangs Do thangs with you Tonight we gon' forget our worries Put the kids to bed I'm going out instead with you Steppin' out with you I'm steppin on out with you, darling Girl put that celly down Don't even peek at your pager now Just chill, relax, the kids will be cool Grab two more Cosmos, we ain't thinkin' about tomorrow We're in a club full of people But it feels just like me and you My baby's looking hot tonight Catching everybody's eye Look at them starin', but I ain't carin' Cuz I know you're mine We should do this more often Got a fella feelin' kinda flossy I can't wait to make your body go ooh, ooh, ooh Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (You know how it goes) (Keep chasin' that dough) I'll ring the bell like I used to do Hold the door for you, let you through Take your hand and talk to you Make you know you're my star I'm gonna woo ya (yeah yeah) Say pretty words to ya (yeah yeah) Send chills right through ya (oh yeah) And remind you how loved you are Repeat 1 until fade

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