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gravy fries and dirty lollipops i love the way that sounds and everything else you said. i read your letter on sunday morning in one of those cheesequake-type rest areas that jersey is so famous for on the border of delaware too far away to turn back and give you that kiss that i was waiting for you to ask for and that you deserved. If only just for having lips like that. If only you made one gesture or sat a little closer. Touched my arm or looked at me for longer than what's appropriate i would been all over you. I guess my vibe was not as powerful as i had thought it was or you wouldn't have been able to resist my charms. I've listened to your tape a million times (okay, not that many but a whole lot) over the past few days, actually its in my tape player right now. I wanted to hear what you sounded like in arizona. Where its warmer. Thanks to nathan ( for these lyrics

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