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Who's that waddlin' down the street It's just me 'cause I love to eat Fudge and Twinkies and deviled ham Who's real flabby? Yes, I am! Every picture of me's Gotta be an aerial view Now my doctor tells me There's just one thing left to do Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Throw out the pizza and beer Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Oh, get those jelly donuts out of here Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Might seem a little sever Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) I'm gettin' tired of my big fat rear Blow, fatty! Well, I used to live on chocolate sauce Made sumo wrestlers look like Kate Moss Walked down an alley and I got stuck I got more rolls than a pastry truck When I'm all done eating I eat a little more When I leave a room First I gotta grease the door Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Can't have another eclair Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) I gotta decrease my derriere I'm on a Grapefruit Diet I'm on a Grapefruit Diet I'm on a Grapefruit Diet No more pie now No more creme brulee Lay off the gravy And souffle No french fri-yi-yies now No ice cream parfait Mr. Cheese Nacho Stay away Oh I think I'd sell my soul For a triple patty melt But I need a boomerang When I put on my belt Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Lay off the 3 Musketeers Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Until my big booty disappears Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) Eat 'em till they're comin' out of my ears Grapefruit Diet (Diet!) 'Cause I haven't seen my feet in years I'm on a Grapefruit Diet I'm on a Grapefruit Diet I'm on a Grapefruit Diet I think I'm about ready for a Quarter Pounder with extra cheese I need a side order of onion rings And don't forget to Super-Size that

Weird Al Yankovic album Pop versurile muzica straina muzica versuri melodia piesa Grapefruit Diet. Versuri cuvinte muzica descarca mp3 asculta.

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