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Versuri Gotham city (remix)

Gotham city for the ghetto ghetto [2x] Uhhh Yo yo! Everybody's talking about the good old days [2x] Huh I remember when me and my brothers we used to sit up on the poarch in the summertime and just talk about just making it You know what I'm saying being successful following up our dreams you know and I I believe that's every kids dream you know what I'm saying to rise and be somebody but damn! Sometimes we just get caught up I ain't got no money And I ain't got no friends Looks like my world is coming to an end No food on the table, no clothes on my back No shoes on my feet and I just bearly got a used cadillac Now ain't that ghetto for ya But somehow it's gotta change yeahh ghetto for ya So I took this remix and rearranged gotham city

Gotham city (remix) versuri asculta asculta R Kelly. Melodia versuri asculta mp3 asculta mp3 piesa muzica straina versurile piesa melodiei.

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