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Versuri Goodtimes

Nightengale ct. on a friday night neightbors irate nothing but cokes in sight sit around and play a couple songs back to costa its been so long run up to gate waste some money on treats chris will buy two differant things to eat e.js buying a freakin' mountain dew water for steve chris fritz whats new good times the best days of our live sour ramps a piece it'll be alright punk rock blaring nobodys carin' no worries tonight owens still strugglin' why cant he skate jeremie's hollerin' about grillen he's waiten' over to the pool for sharks and minnows don't wake up skeets and barb they're right by the window

Melodia cuvinte ultima melodie Goodtimes. Lugnut muzica straina melodia cantece cuvinte asculta versuri cantece versuri piesa melodiei.

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