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i feel like my feet have forgotten the way to your door i have my hands and my words but what are they for and you said you thought i was cute but i'm just a cutflower and every second's an hour we scream, scream, that wasn't the way that it was i believe beauty was drowned in because my mix and match memory has managed to make you a god and everything else i forgot goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodguy i want to tell someone invisible that it's not fair we're made up of moments and fingernails, toenails and hair and in between be and begin and a jail of clay how can you love me anyway? goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodguy something was hovering over you boy, just then you scolded me, told me don't bother, and vanished again and everything perfect you said was just mirrors and wires you look left, i was right here with my feet in my fire goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodguy goodbye goodbye goodbye... goodbye

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