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Versuri Goodbye Carmen

And her eyes are like skies that will rain But there's work to be done, and she does not complain Her children are so far away I heard you crying, I heard you pray Now you must go, and it's so hard to say Chorus: Goodbye, Carmen Thank you for staying with us for a while [With your pretty smile] And someday you'll get home again Goodbye, Carmen Hasta manana or who knows when (It all depends) Goodbye... We're convinced our intentions are good But we live in this world often misunderstood Can you feel it? (Uh-huh) I can feel it (d-doh) And no one seems to care much, and its so hard to say (Chorus) Carmen...careful what you do, be careful what you see, Carmen We will always be with you Turn around but she's lost in the sun There was so much to say, but she's already gone, so Thank you Carmen, don't be afraid this is not the end, So rest your head, I hope someday we will meet again. Goodbye, Carmen Hasta manana or never again But you're my friend Carmen Goodbye...Goodbye...Goodbye..........

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