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Versuri Good morning sunshine

When the sun is up, on a clear blue sky, you will act like a lover. When the sky is gray, and the rain comes down, you will run for cover. Feel the heat, come out of cold, and your arm is touching me. (Chorus) Good morning sunshine, you are my only light, lying with me by my side, you keep me warm all day. Just stay with me. Good morning sunshine, be with me all day, Just don't let the rain pass you by, when it is cloudy or windy and the snowflakes arrive, you somehow just make me, make me feel I'm alive. When you are in my feels then you are like the stars Fading away in the horizon there is a million streets leading off the night, waiting for sun to be risen Feel the heat, come out of cold, and your arm is touching me. (Chorus) Hold it right there, let me take a minute of your time, to explain how I feel through these rhymes. I do the best I can, and believe me if I could I?l build you a paradise with these two hands. The top of your skin, makes my body go numb, I'm thinking to myself, if my dream come true, or is it coz you never give me a chance to tell you how I feel, the moments we had were too precious to kill. When it is cloudy or windy, please turn your face at me (Chorus) Make me I'm alive

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