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Goldie ella cleans the kitchen of her house The summer heat on friday as we're driving into town It's never changing I was in her love all day and when I'm falling she's a love that can't be swayed And when I'm dreaming I know she waits for me, and goldie ella will awaken me from sleep She's nursing baby sparkles as they fall around her feet, her garden's ever growing As she sings them all to sleep her melody's infectious her star is in the sky We'll all be taken care of from August till juillet Goldie ella close the the curtains of her house and little baby's sleeping So she's quiet as a's never changing and this trip could take all day And when I'm falling I think it's better that I stay The autumn leaves they start to fall, so where are we headed now And will you catch me after all

Versuri melodia cuvinte Goldie Ella descarca muzica straina muzica melodiei Loudermilk. Piesa melodiei muzica versuri cantece.

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