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Well baby, baby don't ya know Your hair's a lair and one to spare I need you girl Oh yeah.* Be good you know your trips You're so rare, there's no one there Hold my head between your knees.** Hey baby jump in your car We'll go to the sun and have us some fun I love you child Oh yeah. Long day runs into night Twilight child, you drive me wild Don't scare me now Oh yeah. Gold belt, strap round my head Rock 'n' Roll on the oceans floor Now get down girl Oh yeah.*** Be glad to get there My love is strong like a mist at dawn Don't get me wrong Oh yeah yeah yeah.**** *Repeat **Repeat ***Repeat ****Repeat

Muzica straina Marc Bolan And T. Rex asculta asculta. melodia melodia versuri cantece versuri Golden Belt cantece.

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