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i want to shake like Liguardia magic mouth in the sun train ride to the courtyard before you can run down at the end of lonely street where no one takes a walk someone's lying at your feet and someone's getting off Chorus: just gimme some slack the seven floors of walkup the odor musted cracks the peeping keyhole introverts with the monkeys on their backs (chorus) the rooftops strung with frauleins the pastel pinned up sails the eighteen color roses against your face so pale (chorus) i want to float like Euripides all visions intact i'm alright with Fellini fiends tripping over the track (chorus) down at the end of Lonely Street where no one takes a chance someone's in the cheap light and someone wants to dance (chorus)

Muzica melodia cuvintele cuvintele cuvinte muzica straina versuri. The Cars descarca muzica album cuvintele Gimme some slack versuri ultima melodie.

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