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Versuri Ghita (english version)

I: The coat is inside out, There is no sun above Nothing is going good Since I think of Ghita. But Ghita's not in town I asked why he's not around It seems to me he's gone He got a ?? II: Hard, I think it's very hard Want, I don't know what I want I know that you like me too Ghita, what is up with you ? You come or either go You tell me yes or no Ghita, please don't lie to me Tell me, what your life will be.. Refren: Ghita, Tonight I'm waiting at the ?? Me at the station I bought a ticket Come to, But don't come as you did before As usually with empty hands... Who else Will and sing for you as I do Entire evening to get ?? Ghita, Show me a girl who's fond of you That loves you more as much as I do... Refren(x2): Ghita, Te-astept diseara la portita, Langa portita de la scoala Vino, Dar numa' nu venii cum vii tu De obicei cu mana goala... Cine, Te mai asteapta ca si mine O seara intreaga numai pe tine ? Ghita, Arata tu o fata care Sa te iubeasca asa de tare...

Cuvinte Cleopatra Stratan piesa album melodiei piesa versuri. Asculta versurile piesa muzica romaneasca Diverse versurile cuvinte cantece Ghita (english version) descarca versuri.

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