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[Mack 10] I'm screamin as I'm dreamin, I see evil bad spirits So I wake up in the middle of the night to write lyrics In a cold sweat, heard magnums in my dreams, my ears ring So this time on the mic I bring horror like Stephen King All my good times are turned bad like the Evan's Seen hundreds get wounded but like a thousand 187's Everybody that was so real, they were now phony And the nigga that used to be my homie, shit he turned on me I got a 45 that spit hot lead that'll drill him The nigga know too much about me, so it's a must that I kill him If it's time available at the shrink, man I need to spend it Cuz now I see the chair rockin, but ain't nobody in it I'm psycho like Norman Bates in the fresh side of my mind and All I think about is comittin redrums like The Shining So Lord please help me and forgive me for my sins And tell me, why do I deserve the twilight zone that I'm in? Somebody ease the pain I need a shot of novacaine Or angel dust smoke circulatin through my brain So who got the slaughter water, la la the brain killer I got five on it, four stick, to the first dealer With no screws left it's like my head is now hollow I'm so crazy seems like my own shadow's scared to follow Ain't that a bitch, 1-O caught up in the horror show But ain't no popcorn or bon bons, it's all teflons nigga [Hook:] X 2 I keep a 44 everywhere I go It's 1-O in the ghetto horror show [Jayo Felony] I'm slangin ?nocous? on the boulders Keys, O-Z's and quarters Come along, get up, stand up, and come and get your sack I'm bustin nigga's hearts with this motherfuckin crack I'm sayin please oh please oh please give me just one more hit Now I'm surrounded by skinny motherfuckers with glass dicks I'll jack Jack and Jill, smack Bill Clinton and his bitch Tell po po they can't fade me I'll kill him and his snitch I'm a bad influence, I'm a bad influence And motherfuckers don't wanna know what I'll tell these fuckin kids Fuck school nigga, bang with me Why you gotta get a job nigga, slang with me Listen, my 44 protects ya if any nigga tries to test ya Nigga who the fuck is you? I'm Peer Pressure Took the last bit of the thorazine, I'm at the end of the rainbow There ain't no fuckin pot of gold, just the ghetto horror show There we go [Hook:] X 2 I keep a AK everywhere I go It's Jayo in the ghetto horror show [Ice Cube] I got to testify, I grew up in this ghetto horror ?Justaora? got me spittin from the ghetto Torah Ghetto bible survival I'm hittin rivals in their vitals Tryin to rob titles, from livin idols I give recitals on the drugs to sex to county checks to Lex Your respect from the hot techs And it's the same for me cuz the fame don't wipe away the black Westside can't react Braniac with this maniac, get to losin 'fore the schools get to oozin And your bitch get to ?twosin? The niggas at 600 pools and like the Pope Get on the fuckin city F niggas like to vote It's the horror, no tomorrow in your eyes But look at me nigga I believe I can fly You believe you can die, well shit it might happen I believe I can rhyme and look, I start rappin nigga [Hook:] X 2 I keep a tech nine everywhere I go It's Ice Cube in the ghetto horror show [Mack 10 talking] What is time? Huh, time is divded by two. Before it happens, and after it happens. Right now, we callin it the ghetto horrow show. [some guy] Only a fool would go there at night!

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