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Yeah Yeah Yeah Baby let me lay ya down On the carpet when I come round Get rug burns when I tear ya down On the ground all I wanna hear is that ooh ahh sound I'ma push up on ya slow Get ya right by the end of the night Do something sweet Like massage ya feet And put Pretty Ricky cd on repeat Then get an ice cube and put in work Go to the kitchen for a lil' dessert I love butter pecan ice cream Eat cake but I lick off the icing Maxin' and relaxing I'm guaranteeing satisfaction Give you fast or slow back action Depending on your reaction girl It's seven in the evening And everybody's leaving I decided to stay in I just felt like chilling And I wondered if you felt the same Just say the word, I'll be on my way I'm just a few, few blocks away I just wanna see your pretty face [Chorus:] All I'd like to do Is lay with you tonight I don't wanna hit the club i wanna lay up (And when I come over) I'll get you right (I will) Get you right (I will) Get you right We can do anything that you wanna do And before I go home I'll get you right I pictured me holding you I pictured you holding me We can watch a movie girl I just bought some brand new dvd's And I wondered if you felt the same Just say the word, I'll be on my way I'm just a few, few blocks away I just wanna see your pretty face [Chorus] [Bridge:] When I leave my house I hope that you'll be looking for me And you'll be waiting for me Cause I will I'll be speeding on the way And when I get there I'll get you right You called my phone and told me "Baby come through" I said unlock the door And I'll be there in a few Brought "Love and Basketball" and ordered some food Now it's time to do All the things that you wanna do boo Open the door, lock it back And head into the room Pop in a movie, hit the lights And lay next to you Cuddle under the covers Kissing and hugging While I get you right Forget the club and going out Baby I'm spending the night It feel like heaven when I'm with ya Baby I just wanna chill with ya Spend some time with ya Wine and dine with ya In my mind I'm painting a beatiful picture Me and you spending Q.T. On the low key, baby we overseas Knocking boots like H-town You holding me girl You got me feenin' like Jodeci This is where I wanna be With you screaming We out here so what they do Cause baby I'm so in love with ya Everywhere I go I got your picture Baby I miss ya I just wanna spend some time with ya [Chorus]

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