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Do you remember It was a Latin summer night Do you remember baby When the moon shining bright Do you remember When we danced into this beat I still remember It was a midnight summer heat I want to tease you, please you Holding you so tight I want to love you, hug you Baby, do me right I want to feel you, heal you Inside of you I wanna dance with you, dance with you, just dance with you, baby Chorus Oh, oh, baby let?s get it on Oh, oh, let?s do it to the ****** Oh, oh, just keep play that song Oh, oh, ******************* 2x Oh, oh, oh Can you feel this Latin summer Oh, oh, oh Come and dance this night **** Let me love you, baby 2x Do you remember It was a Latin holiday Do you remember When the band began to play Do you remember When you whispered in my ear I still remember All the words you need to hear I want to tease you? Chorus

Dante Thomas album cantece cuvintele versuri versuri descarca. Get it on ultima melodie melodia cuvinte descarca album muzica straina.

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