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Versuri Get Up

Get Up Lyrics Well you think that youââ¬â¢re safe Well I just think that youââ¬â¢re a waste Well youââ¬â¢ve been striving to win Well you get knocked down again Get up Hereââ¬â¢s your chance now All eyes are upon you You better give your all If you wanna rise up You got to do what defines you Cause if you give up, give in, youââ¬â¢re gone Well theyââ¬â¢re calling you strange Well itââ¬â¢s more like deranged When they just push you aside But it keeps you alive Get up

Muzica Get Up piesa muzica straina versuri mp3 cantece melodia Breaking Point ultima melodie. Ultima melodie versuri melodia asculta.

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