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Georgie was a skinny kid Fond of angling, fonder of dangling his feet in the cool brook water While the Reverend's daughter Sat at his side and fluttered his face with the fuzz of a dandelion. Long about noontime Floating 'cross the field, Georgie heard the peel of a bell being rung by the parson Time for his lesson As much as he hated it, the preacher was teachin' him to play the accordion. Don't go Georgie! said the Reverend's daughter When Daddy comes lookin' we can duck in the water. They both went out and dipped down to hide But the girl caught her locket on an underwater branch and the next thing she knew... she died Preacher was a sorry mess He was cryin', shoutin' 'bout her dyin' and livin' the eternal life Should 'a seen his wife Sobbin' on the ground as the wind rustled round and tickled the keys Made Georgie's accordion give an awful dyin' wheeze versurile mp3 muzica straina Hall and Oates melodiei Georgie versuri cantece melodia. Melodia versuri muzica cantece cuvintele melodia asculta cuvintele.

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