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Maurice White, Robert Brookings & Sly Stone Itç£â the kind of a nite U碿ould use a friend You feeling a loss And you need a win A perfect eleven Between one and ten Got the right way To make a sad nite end If my mind was being read She made a natural move As if Iç£⬠said Wanted to slow dance My mind is on romance And I want to score CHORUS: OOOH OOOH ! From Rock and Roll To R&B Operating Symphone-ing DonÃ§Â£Ë know what she said Do know what she meant One arm pointed other arm bent Making sounds you seldom hear moved her head make it all clear She gave me a card For the handicapped Say I磎 a specialist At body rap CHORUS BRIDGE. Come into my world Be a believer a living achiever See what your thoughts can guarantee CHORUS AD LIB

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