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Vers 1. Come here shorty, hey Girl you're lookin' fine I heard your searchin' for a real love And I'm really Ginuwine I come to move your body, hey Keep it jumpin' like a party, hey Come on everybody were gonna do it my way *Chorus* Itââ¬â¢s a G thang, hey Came to party till the break of dawn Watch my speakers bang Until daylight comes and we wanna go home Vers 2 I like me a buzz hey, hey But I donââ¬â¢t want to smoke a weed Why smoke a box of Philly Plums When she can get high on G Go pick up a girlfriend They can ride in my benz Cause I'm taking everybody Where G likes to party *Chorus* *Bridge* Set it off on the left yaââ¬â¢ll set if off on the right yaââ¬â¢ll set it off set it off by subjection set it off on the right yaââ¬â¢ll set it off, set it off

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