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[Dialing a number from a cellular] 40 Thevz: Hello Coolio: Yo what's up homeboy, I'm out front the club, what's goin' on, there's a lot around the corner this muthafucka is cracking, 40: What C : Hell yeah, man y'all better bring your ass down here man. 40: We on our way man, we're coming through then... C: Aight, look, look, look. I'ma tell homeboy at the do' to let y'all in. 40: Hook it up, hook it up! C: Nigga sac, nigga bring a sac.Stop at some jamaicans and shit. 40: We're on our way. C: Alright then. 40: Aight. [hang up] Bouncer: Hey wassup Coolio, how many you got wit you? C: Aa it's just me right now but the 40 Thevz on their way, so be on the look for 'em. B: Right. Hey you muthafuckas move back, man. One line. X: Man, look, look. There go that nigga Coolio. They're lettin' him in with tennis shoes and shit. Don't wanna let us in. Y: Fuck that nigga Coolio,man. I'm gonna fuck that nigga up.

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