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What does friend mean to you? A word so wrongfully abused Are you like me, confused All included but you Alone... The sounds of silence often soothe Shapes and colors shift with mood Pupils widen and change their hue Rapid brown avoid clear blue Why's it have to be this way Be this way Flowers watched through wide brown eyes bloom A child sings an unclaimed tune Innocence spins cold cocoon Grow to see the pain too soon Why's it have to be this way Be this way (5x) At 7 am on a Tuesday, usual August ... Next week I'll be 28... I'm still young, it'll be me... Off the wall I scrape... you... I can't wake, I gotta wake... To cause this wake, I gotta wake no more... It causes wake, to drown this hate.... To never really stay, never will..... You take your plate... Put me through hell, live, live... Direct your fate... You say I can do it so well... Your expiration date... Fate, date, expiration date... (this was the last time) Hate... And don't fuck with me again... My own clean slate... Don't fuck with me again... Makes your eyes dilate... Makes you shake... Irate... muzica straina Alice in Chains versuri melodia muzica album Rock. Frogs versurile asculta versuri cuvintele muzica.

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