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Well she cried, and she cried All night to the sound of the freeway hum And she swears she'll be gone When the sun hits the ground And she ain't coming back to my cell Well she's tired and she's tired Of this life she's been leading too long And the times turns around Through the walls that surround To the chimes of a jailor's song In my four walled world Well she tries and she tries But my feet just won't leave the ground And I'm tired and I'm tired Of this prisoners life, and these chains That drag me down In my four walled world And now the sun is low And these walls try to break my soul And now the moon is full And I won't see nothing tonight But the tears in her eyes and My four walled world

Four Walled World piesa muzica straina cuvinte cuvinte versuri cuvinte melodia. Temple Of The Dog ultima melodie cantece mp3 versuri mp3 descarca descarca.

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