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Sometimes I feel I wanna fly away With you my darling I just wanna stay With you I look forward to better days To be forever with you I'm looking out upon a summers day I pray to God it will remain this way With you my heart will always be so true I want forever with you I want forever with you When I look into your eyes I see The love you feel for me Lock me safe in your heart my baby You have got the key, oh yeah Each day is better than the one before So stay forever more Such a perfect match I can't let go You are my angel love just can't say no I wanna share with you my love so true I'll be forever with you I'll be forever with you I'll be forever with you

Asculta asculta album Sugababes ultima melodie Dance versuri versurile descarca Forever. Muzica straina ultima melodie album cuvinte asculta piesa versuri.

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