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Now I've always said that love Was nothing more but a waste of my time I've always thought I'd be above these feelings Always seem to miss in my mind I said you'd never catch me in the corner of my room gazing at a picture of you And now that all don't mean nothin' cause everytime I think about thinkin' girl I'm thinkin' of you And forever, for the rest of my life Through it all girl I'll be right by your side I'll give my heart baby I'll give you my mind I'll be the one that brings the joy to your life And if you're willing girl just give me the chance And I promise I will be a good man And forever, for the rest of my life I'll be right by your side And now the love you give to me is sweeter than the sprinkles on the top on mama's apple pie I know you know I'm in love When you're staring at the sparkle that appears in the corner of my eye You don't have to worry 'bout it no, the things that I said before because I'm so in love And there ain't nothin' gonna stop it now I'd bet it on the moon and the stars in the sky above I never thought that it could happen to me that I could fall in love I can't beieve it baby but I can see that you're you are the only one I'm thinkin' of It doesn't matter baby I don't really care no more as long as we're together Baby I'll be right there, I won't go nowhere I want your love forever

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