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May every single star shine down to guide you For you may never fail to find your way May the words you hear prove to be true Make the truth the judge for what you say May every single day see hope and new dreams And be the night alight with bright moonbeams And should times get rough wait patiently Trust your heart and you'll find liberty May guardian angels always be by your side May all the loose ends down the line unite May your heart stay pure throughout the fight See the line dividing wrong from right May all your visions be as clear as daylight Like rivers love may safely find your sea May your mind be strong so you can face the night To defy all lies and agony And may I never see you crying sad tears And may you never follow false tongued seers May the ones you love see honesty Find yourself and you will hold the key For The Young versuri melodiei cuvinte ultima melodie melodia cuvinte muzica straina piesa. Versuri Fair Warning album muzica.

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