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Made my exit on the turn pike I saw the stateside toll and shuffled for some change I paid a man that talked as if he knew me And I could see it in his eyes He could tell that I was running away What are you waiting for Itâs just a minute away Travel light you might just Find yourself there for the day What are you waiting for Itâs just a minute away Following Rita Following Rita Stopped to make a call and picked up Elvis Elvis James McCabe a future millionaire He wrestled with his thoughts out loud About two girls that he had left behind And said for forty five dollars He could help me on my way and get rich too There was talk about after high school I would get a job Gig at night and she would go to some Community school But her father changed jobs And we cried together As her plane was flying away Well the phone never was enough For us to hold on to Now every mile that I drive away Getâs me closer to you, yeah

Mp3 melodiei versuri muzica straina cuvinte. Album cuvintele Following Rita mp3 Train versurile mp3 versuri cuvinte album.

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