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I'm game (what?) I'm game (ok) I see that ya'll wanna be like the boy wonder (true true) Well, don't they all (me me me me) So just sit back and relax and let holla at ya'll (Talk to em playboy) This how you be me (how) It's me capital B Rap lil B Different after me What a disaster see It's a fact that no other cat attractive as me (nope) Can't no other mc step in my IV's But see I wrote a booklet for you to get (ha) The game on top, a couple platinum plaques Number one, it's apparent you gotta appeal the parents Be real, won't they see through you like you transparent Number two, I scan the whole world in panoramic Find a loophole to develop my flow then I ran with it Now step number three Ha, it ain't that easy (nope) Gotta listen close if you wanna be Weezy (yup) Dress wired, make sure yo attire stay hot Top to bottom, got them school girls cryin Step off, you gotta make sure yo style remains raw But wait, there's more Yeah

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