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Let's follow the tracks to a world of pain Where total madness enters the veins As the arm extends the needle goes pop It's self suicide ant it can't be stopped A bundle a day a Ben Franklin binge Those who sold their soul live by the syringe Always on the hunt looking for a fix Hate to be the one caught up in the mix Begging like a fool fiending to be saved They made their bed in wich they must lay No excuses, no excuse! 2x Glorified, all that was not pure Horrified, as death was the cure 2x Let's follow the tracks infested with scars A deadly path where most die hard Taking a chance injecting love It's the only thing that gives back hugs No self respect the head it nods Praising a high just like a god They eyes are pinned the nevers get tamed Now the poison settles it's claim As the body aches the blood it curls In the darknees blaming the world No excuses, no excuse! 2x Shooting for the heavens Only to find hell's gate The skin's been broken Now its to late 2x

Melodia ultima melodie ultima melodie album cuvinte Follow The Tracks ultima melodie mp3. Versuri Fury Of Five descarca mp3 muzica straina versuri album.

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