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it becomes so clear to me the things we don't believe oh it stings us as we walk on by it changes everything a dose of reality if you believe and receive it it will set you free so throw your rocks at my glass box as you hear the sound of me hit the ground but it will take more than that to break me down so i'll decide what to do suffocate in life's residue or will i breathe in the air now once again you can't hear the sound i can't touch the ground it's like fluid when your spirit surrounds me it drives me to find the peace i've left behind even though i struggle through this troubled mind and it burns away the hate i feel to day it's bigger than you and me so can i get a witness it's coming around, coming around again it's a

Album Fluid Seven Channels versuri ultima melodie. Cuvinte melodiei muzica straina cuvinte muzica descarca piesa ultima melodie piesa versurile versuri versurile cantece.

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