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[Intro: Peedi Crakk] WHOOOOOOOOOO!! Now clap for me mami, OH! Just clap for me mami, JUST BLAZE! Okay, and Free, okay, yeah (?) Que tu quieres mujeres, said she blow la-la FLIPSIDE - and she my baby mama Get wild! Okay [Freeway] Freeway got the hood on smash Pop in tape, step on gas and get ghost nigga! Freeway got the club on lock, step on stage Set it down leave with a broad, check for her age Post up, fans suffer circle the block Call the cops - it's the Roc in your area! Post up, distribute to the block Freeway move the rocks in your area! Yeahhhh, pop tried to shut me down Cops tried to shut me down, haters wanna hit me up What? My glock carry heavy rounds Mack carry heavy rounds packed in the Chevy truck What? You better ring the alarm Before I cock back, dump on you and your boys And have black suits, tucked on you and your mom But back to the song, said she wanna suck on me and the boys Her ass look good in a thong And she want me to sneak in the building like Trojan of Troy Best believe there's Trojans involved Hats lift over the boy, oh boy [Chorus: Freeway] We rip crowds, whole lot of volume and a little bit of bass is all it takes to make the place GET WILD, whole lot of style and a little bit of cake is all it takes to make her skate FLIPSIDE (flipside) crack house and a little bit of bass is all it takes to make the block GET WILD (get wild) park keys and a little bit of cheese is all it takes to make her leave [Peedi Crakk] With these (with these) O.G.'s (O.G.'s) Tell that hoe until she roll on a pole I'm tryna squeeze with ease (with ease) then breathe (then breathe) I ain't Hov', I just know what I know I'm talkin O. Sparks five, ride for a dollar bill Famous up in Hollywood, high in them Holly-hills I, can't deny how the mamis feel Hidin the cable bill, slide with your baby girl P. Crakk and I ain't for play I got a mack that'll change your day Fall back, get your act in tact P-I-M-P U-P H-O-E-S is all the rest And yes, this is Philly, you welcome to come check us Crakk, wherever I holla at be gettin neck in Pass her the thing, tell her make it go ring The prince of S.P., is soon to be the king And we.. [Chorus] [Freeway] Now how many hoes in your motherfuckin group? Wanna take a ride in my '89 Delk She felt the kid, thumbtack, held the roof Up on her cell phone, "Freeway got me in the squadder He a rider, from the block to the booth" I'm as, real as they come, the gorillas'll come Six could chill 'til they come, gotta peel when they done But let her spend the night, all night Cause the heat call me a liar She just like +Honey+ so I called her Mariah Wanna see, if she got what it takes to carry across state And travel across state, with things taped to her waist Mami wanna ride with pa Bad bitches get scooped like Haagan Daas And put on the team shoot, put on the Bean bitch Lean bitch, shoot at they entourage Hit up the team camp, pull on your jeans bitch album melodiei versuri asculta muzica straina. Piesa Flipside mp3 versuri Freeway feat Peedi Crakk piesa melodiei cuvintele mp3 ultima melodie album album.

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