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Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Chillin in my four point six at the light Bout to be VIP for the night Shorty in the drop top V made a right Pull up to her bumper baby, beeped twice Jumped out the whip like I was the police Didn't have a gun, but my wrist said freeze Got Friday on a DVD She's a baller and I'm a baller Wha-what? [1] - To all my hot girls Livin' fiesta To all my hot boys Livin' fiesta To all my Chi town niggas Fiesta And all my uptown niggas Fiesta To all my players and my hustlers Fiesta And if you sittin' on them blades Fiesta To all my honeys in the club Fiesta And if you rollin' with a thug Fiesta We be off in the club sippin lot Red eye deep in the club puffin' Lye Strippers in the back of the club showing live Soon as I get a buzz I'm showing out House on top of the hill Counting what? Whose gonna buy the bar? Got enough Take the haters out in the back, rough 'em up I'm a baller now where's my ballers? Wha-what? [Repeat 1] We pop Cris on a daily base Plus we got honeys all up in the place Bout to wild out in a major way So put your hands up if you made your pay Add a little juice to the Tangaray But let the ice show till the diamond fades Rockland sittin' on Capitol Hill Trackmaster make capital deals [Gotti] Now look at Gotti iced out with the blingy-bling And a big body sittin' on them gleamy things Now Rockland niggas know the means of cream Kelly, R&B Thug and it sings to king Got PJ niggas in caprime green (Thugged out) Hot chicks down to do anything Cop them mo chicks Cop mo bricks, pop mo Cris Ay Kelly drop mo hits [Boo] What you know about them cats That be spendin' the dough Every day drink Henney and a bottle of Mo' Ride whips, hittin' chicks Blowin' twenties on drough To the club thirty deep Plenty of ice to show Mami say she never rolled in a six before (Fiesta) Never seen a young cat this rich before Yeah Kelly made the way for these niggas to blow Thugged out, 2G, Rockland for sure [Repeat 1 ]

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