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here on the beach I've got the sun , I've got the surf, I've got Mexican food here on the beach I stay indoors all day I don't get my feet wet , I've got nothing to do I can't believe I was excited I thought I'd found the perfect place for someone as lazy as me but now I'm lonely and I wish I had a friend who I could visit sometime or who might call on me here on the beach my mind goes blank and all my money's gone here on the beach the urge to get f~cked up becomes overwhelming ( I guess I'll go back to sleep ) I should be writing songs powerful songs that'll make us money and put us on the charts but I'm just so bored and I don't really care about people or money or problems or anything at all except for going home anything at all except for when I'm out of here next time let's shake it inside out next time let's shake it inside out pay no rent rest in piece I'm back home tomorrow this could be my last chance to pass it by sleeping late , sleep alone back to work tomorrow this could be my last chance and I'll pass it by next time let's shake it inside out

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