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Na na na... Sometimes things seem totally wiped out I bite my lip and clench my fist so tight That i cant even feel it My pulse is ready to explode But why should i keep it under control Why should i just let it be You see your startin to piss me off So get the fuck away from me Just give me a reason Your pushin me too far Cuz all i ever wanna do Is to sit alone and sing my song It goes na na na... Its what i do to keep the tension down Even tho it might seem a little gay I dont care it calms me down And sometimes i would make it through the day Ya say u gotta be crazy But how can u be sure if u never tried Its not about communication Its about what i know is right You'll never understand it Your narrow mind cant see But if u feel there's no way out Then sing along Just sing along with me Na na na... Na na na...

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