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this is the real right here things ain't always what they seem check it people look at us and say man they got it made they signed a record deal and now them boys is paid? but they don't know what comes along with this with all the fame and fortune is still b... cause even though we strugglin hard and gave up everything to make it this far some people love and other people hate us but we gon' take the haters make them our motivators cause they don't know what we been through and none of them can walk a mile in our shoes man i got to keep it real not every record deal ain't a good record deal i'm a grown man so i didn't cry by to keep my head up stay strong until i got about that contract and i reminisce on what my lawyer used to say but i wanted it so bad i guess i have to learn the hard way [2x] (everyday) the pressures of this game got us goin' insane (everyday) if it ain't one damn thing it's another thing people wanna know what's going on with 112 if they leave or they records gon' sell they sayin that they give us the hits knowin' damn well that we write our own sh*t it's not that i'm mad about it but i got to clear it up for those wondering about it i think you need to read the credits open up the cd dawg and read the credits cause things ain't always what they seem so don't believe everything you see on tv in the videos i was in a bentley when that bentley didn't belong to me my earrings had to be at least 5 karats had to live up to that superstar status stayed on the road, had to stay doin' shows even though i'm goin' broke, i couldn't let nobody know [2x] (everyday) the pressures of this game got us goin' insane (everyday) if it ain't one damn thing it's another thing people look at us and say how does it feel on a new label with a motown million dollar deal i'm just glad we stayed together we put our faith in the lord and he made things better cause he said it in his word that one day you'll gonna get what ya'll deserve now aren't you glad we stayed together through the good and the bad times we stayed together through the rich and the broke times, through stormy weather and heeeey now we look back like don't you remember when you couldn't afford that boy heey sun roofed top chillin' on a see, with a down-south ... like heeey how you love that 24 inch rims, big body cadillac and heeey, we do it like that [2x] (everyday) the pressures of this game got us goin' insane (everyday) if it ain't one damn thing it's another thing from 96 to 2003 - 112 still keepin together all we need is true fans all around the world our music gonna last forever [fade to end...]

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