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Versuri Everybody (Get Down)

Verse 1 I'm checking honey And she's Licking her lips Dancing with her friend, not looking at me And if I'm not mistaken This is, an invitation To participate with me, she and she Oh yeah Pre-Chorus And now they're waiitng for me ...But they'll wait a little longer I played is 'oh so' pimply ..'Cuz I might see something better So I'll just slide in between them I gotta let these shorties know I'm a holla at them later But right now, I gots to flow I gots to flow Chorus Everybody get down DJ start to get busy Everybody get loud Ladies start to get freaky Niggas start to act wild Let me know if you're with me Everybody get down Verse 2 Just like I thought The night Keeps getting better When I see this honey Too hot to miss She was, Sitting in a chair With her legs lightly spread Showing just how off the chain She is Pre-Chorus And what she's showing to me You could call it Basic Instinct I played it 'oh so' pimply I told her when and where to meet me See playboy ain't that anxious So I'm letting honey know I'ma twist her back up later But right now I gots to flow Repeat Chorus Bridge A party ain't a party Unless you got a shorty Moving and shaking that a** on you It's so good, it's so right Girl, I'm feeling you tonight And the time is now So everybody can get down Breakdown Can I get down Yes you can Can I turn it around Yes you can Can I work that thang (can I spank that thang) Go ahead baby (go ahead daddy) Get down, get down Repeat 2X Vamp Chorus, adlib til end

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