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Versuri Everbody Gets The Blues

It don't matter if you're rich It don't make no difference if you're poor Simple things in life can make you mad to the core It doesn't matter if you're young Don't make no difference if you're old You got to stand a little rain Before you reach a pot of gold Chorus: Everybody gets the blues Everybody got to cry Take the good with the bad Take the lows and the high Well you work and you worry Spend you life paying dues Everybody has a hard time sometime Everybody gets the blues Ain't no different for a woman Than it is for a man Everybody goes dancing Everybody pays the band Everybody got to take Everybody got to give Everybody got to live [repeat chorus] Don't matter if you're fat Don't matter if you're thin Everybody got to lose Everybody got to win Don't matter if you're black Don't matter if you're white You know you got to get it wrong To have a chance to make it right [repeat chorus]

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