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Faces! - of death - closed souls appear Brain's falling' - emotion points to hell Mothers of death - living upon my bed While the timeless sand I cross - the end is birth Focus lens directed to fear Alone I'm weeping last sadful tears [Chorus] Enter - the elders of death My subconscious - smell my emanations Enter - collide to the earth My subconscious - nefarious emotions Enter - the spirit commands My subconscious - dephased to fear Enter - somewhere they are... ... process to pleasure... again and again Dancing! - On deathlike child of fire Mercy killing - formation erodes in pleasure Decoding the end - methods upsurge my head Now the turning tide's above - the eyes of all Focus lens directed to fear Alone I'm weeping last sadful tears [Chorus] Dreams in rhyme with the nightmares Behind the others morn Sectors of madness And oceanic falls Shocking dreams of elusion My bitterness is here Sun rays on desolation Anecdotes are real Reminds old days of the fire Behold the potency past Tightness of pleasure In transparent dust Spontaneous worlds evolution To ecstasy's eye Chemical reign of deception My kingdom of ice

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