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Elegies are to be sung Winds of armageddon come Ignorance within your bliss Soon you will atone for this In your carcinogenic haze Baneful of a newer age Flower of a different scent Poisons of the earths lament A requiem Earth belong not to you Belong all we to her Take another deeper breath Inhale invisible death Pollution fills the land and sky Forever you justify Take a deeper look and see Nothing's left to future seeds Icicles melt into blood Ashes where there once was wood A requiem Earth belong not to you Belong all we to her Pain of life has pulled you under Left you there to bleed and wonder Open heart left torn asunder Wrong the wrongs that you've been suffered Kill we scream in roaring thunder Destroy all, leave all things plundered Acid rain cries her pain Full bloom, a world gone insane Her anger the flower Plays God with all of our lives A requiem Earth belong not to you Belong all we to her

Melodiei cantece cantece versuri cuvintele muzica straina cantece asculta versurile versuri Machine Head. ultima melodie descarca Elegy muzica ultima melodie.

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