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I have been contemplating Letting go of you ego Thought I'd let you know You're getting old It was so irritating saving face When I fell from grace Thought you'd won a race Without a trace But you stayed But you remained But you.. It's always about you I have been quietly edging away To keep the flames at bay Make this puppy stay To limit my use of personal Pro-nouns are the death of me See I just said me You're an endless see The vanity is all for you babe For you babe For you.. It's always about you I have been silently taking offense And at great expense As my feeling dent I'm licking my scratches It serves no purpose Doesn't gratify And you're dissatisfied And though you're belly's full There's always more room for you babe For you babe For you.. It's always about you No.. no.. don't.. don't.. oh..

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