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Versuri Dyingi only feel apathy

Now as I am to bereaft of my troth I cry aloud my last words of lost hope. A violent gust of wind is my frame of mind; Fluxes like moisture through pores. I am unwilling to forgive Him who depriev'd me of my life - Gloaming the sequence - A momentary view. Perishing intervals of rejoice - My supreme happiness is lost! Baleful emotions od fear - my body is the earth - The earth is now destinéd to be made forlorn - Forlorn from the enlivening energies. Am I not anylonger living? In mournful silence I suffer - In peace I now will rest. My hard-working hands Are now reposéd. I close thee my belovéd into my heart - Conceal thy memory in my inner sanctum. In my thoughts thou shalt forever be - As a dear and precious remembrance. I'm dethronéd in the rain of entity - My tears descent like of ebony - Life is the theatre of tragedy - Dying - I only feel apathy!

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