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Yeah.. c'mon man [Nate] Dump dump dump You know this shit is ours man This is our field man [Nate] Dump dump dump Y'all niggaz need to just leave this shit to us [Nate] Dump dump dump Corny-ass niggaz, aiyyo [Nate] Dump dump dump [Havoc] That's that hard shit That hit a nigga up in his car shit, this war bitch Somehow I feel we need more of the thing Instinct to get that paper, know it's all in my vein You rookies need to be toilet trained You faggots shittin everywhere that you eatin That's why the coroner came You never know, when the tec'll blow Wet you and catch you off guard Niggaz know that I crept slow And never fold bitch, hollows we let 'em go And hope them little jugs you sold cover your medical Y'all don't wanna bump heads with us Dump lead head to head with us (nah) And ain't no leg-in homey, neck and up It come to beef, you know we chef-fen it up (all day baby) And ain't nobody do it better than us Dry snitch and we wettin you up [Nate] Dump dump dump [Chorus: Nate Dogg] Many men try to set me up to watch me die Tie me up and put me in the trunk then wave bye-bye (dump dump dump) Everyone who know me know that I'm Mobb Deep and I keep it true and ain't afraid to shoot so duck when I (DUMP DUMP DUMP) Ain't gon' catch me slippin up Ain't gon' catch me give it up (dump dump dump) Ain't gon' hear me creepin up Roll down the window I'm about to (DUMP DUMP DUMP) [Prodigy] Nigga I'll smack that smirk right off your face You listen to jerk music, this is Mobb Deep You ain't never seen or heard no shit like this Until you purchase our CD, it's very worth it Don't confuse our album with that "Mix Tape" shit Those our scratch, basically our throwaway shit And nobody wrap the street like the Infamous clique Slash Jive, now we got millions to work with And we Violators too, so you know we overdoin it What's stoppin the crew, only death can ruin it (bring it) Homey been there and done that, and still they wanna come back and shoot us down (blaow blaow blaow) Our advice, you want somethin done right then you better come and do it yourself We give shooters this shits, make O.G.'s get they gun off the shelf And blow the dust off they old snub-nose three pound [Nate] Dump dump dump [Chorus] [Nate Dogg] Shoot 'em up now bang, bang Don't fuck around with the wrong mayne In every fuckin city it's the same thang Don't be sayin nothin stupid to a grown mayne Shoot 'em up now bang, bang It really ain't the same, now the game changed Got me grippin on my weapon just to main-tain Fill you full of holes and get my name changed [Chorus]

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