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Versuri Drowning in you

Lead me to the river of love Pour a little water and wash my pain away Leave me in the ocean of joy Water from below I can feel your glow running through You know that I do I'm drowning in you Take me to the tide of your heart Take me to the shore, babe And hold me close to you Leave me when the sky's getting dark Water from behind I can feel a fine line from you You know that I do I'm drowning in you Say hello, there's no goodbye If you can't read between the lines Found a love that I can't hide Oh I've been drowning in your eyes Honey, honey, honey yea! Lead me to the gate of your dreams Put me on a ship that will sail the Lovers' Seas Water from the brooks and the streams Water in my face I can taste the ocean of you You know that I do I'm drowning in you Say hello... It's the ocean of you You know that's it's true I'm drowning in you

Roxette Drowning in you mp3 mp3 cuvinte. Versuri muzica cuvintele muzica straina versuri cuvintele ultima melodie mp3 album album.

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