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Drop the Needle INTRO The Maestro Fresh Wes The symphony Is in full effect [Maestro Fresh Wes] Let your backbone slide Let it slip, let the rhythm rip While my lyrics leave my lips Ladies and gentleman kids of all ages Watch a brother roamin' on stages Name rings a bell from state to state Province to province till you can't escape It's radius a margin Bruisin' bargin' Blowin' away blockades and still chargin' Up the crowd while the introducer Says the name they get looser looser Maestro Maestro with magnitude That's longer than the lines of latitude Going tropic to tropic Topic to topic yo are you ready for the drop (yeah) then drop it CHORUS Drop the needle X6 Bust it Drop the needle [Maestro Fresh Wes] The needle drops like a pistol pops Rocks the whole crowd, they can't stop Ladies wave and rave like slaves With this sound wave the guys misbehave I pave a road where the poems explode from Globe to globe, earlobe to earlobe Started at zero now they Xerox it Zipcode to zipcode I should ziplock it They won't stop the chumps they just chop it Chewin' chunks and chunks and then shop it On the homeplate, and I hate To hear my rhymes of a different rate I should ostracize the eyes of spies And destroy all districs for disguise Dope In the form of the highest mind Of a hip-hop goliath rhymes Make it easy to cruise You get bruised if you're not enthused Silence is lost as the holocaust comes down When Wes goes off on the microphone Cord or cordless It don't matter cause I rock the fresh vest Hiroshima havoc and hurricane LTD is on the cut Maestro's the name The needle won't skip or the crowd will flip to frantic As I watch 'em drip D draws back the wax like a bow The bass is the arrow to break bow and arrow and Blast it, off like a rocket Again are you ready for the drop (yeah) Then drop it M-A-E-S-T-R-O Smoother than smooth can get plus tommorrow I'll be smoother Runnin' like silk Starin' at the mountains as melodies are built Like Everest I'm ever ready for the crossfade I have a vest never fest just cascade I'm a go on I'm a run and I'm a go on And tell two friends so on and so on (so on, so on) I ain't passive I lamp with the dope state massive Down with Scarborough Down with the jungle Down with Michee Mee Down with Rumble Down with Self Defense from flemo This was a hit before it was a demo Went to the studio with Pete And Anthony to lay down the beats And now, it's just too damn sweet I'm the voice in the Sonys walking down the street Drop it CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] (yo Maestro, tell 'em what you wear) Drop the needle I wear a black tuxedo Black tuxedo Black-black-black (oh my God) A black tuxedo with the cumberband damn Talk slang while the ladies hang Runnin' more hoes than clothes to a pimp Rhymes so rugged they'll make you limp Some MC's like to dance all night But I like the brothers who can rock the mic With bass and adrenaline big beats but then again Nowadays most rappers sound feminine Soft *echoed* They come off weak and they're so-so I'll be down to the pound and jump mofo Thousand pages of poems make the microphone prone to stand alone A Tallahasee lassie asked me (Wes, how can you rap so rough, but yet classy?) 'Cause I'm smooth Making the people move It's like a cruise when ya take two two-twenty-twos That's a full forty four times more than a migraine Unexplained like an unsolved mind game The mastermind is defined as the Maestro Nitroglycerine sizzlin' hype so Comin' 'em on with a scent of napalm Droppin' the bomb as I raise my baton on And on the dawn Inject the venom in MC's like a late dose of heroin Cripplin' Suckers be stagerrin' I smoke the piece, D does the daggerrin' On the Technics, he'll tomohawk it Are you ready for the drop (yeah) Then drop it CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] United States United Kingdom The rhymes I bring them spread like syndromes T.O. mixed it, New York pressed it All these def hits you can't test this Rhyme still buggin' clock 'nuff duckets No wait yo hold up hold up Now fuck it One hour flight and I'm captain Like Jason I'ma take Manhattan Each ceremony and every seminar On LMR i'm hard, you're gonna get scarred I run a dead pool every rapper dread this Boys be pain at the naming of the dead list Or the red list the blood shed fest Fist to fist on the mic you're left headless They broke into the vault like Capone Didn't find jack so they all went home My vault could never be opened I locked it Punks be scopin' or hopin' to pop it '89 is mine you can't stop it Are you ready for the drop (yeah) Then drop it CHORUS OUTRO Now freak me Are you ready Hit it Maestro

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