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Versuri Dreaming Girl

I am such a peculiar girl Have my dreams and thoughts in another world But I live my life So lost in time, so lost in space I belong to an unknown human race But I live my life Perhaps, I will come back again But I, I don't bother how or when See all my dreams don't belong to you They have nothing with your world to do They just live my life So who are you, o' so wise Who can tell what is wrong or right And I'll just stay right where I am My dreams belong to dreaming land I'm not coming back again, my dreams Belonging to dreaming land, that's why I'll stay right where I am, see I I don't need a helping hand I am such a peculiar girl Keep my secret thoughts in a secret world That's how I live my life So don't tell me how one's supposed to live 'Cause your eyes don't shine, they have done their time You have lived your life That's why, I'll stay right where I am 'Cause I, I don't want to die my friend No I, I don't want those withered eyes 'Cause I, I want to live my life No I, don't want those withered eyes See, I want to live to live my life

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