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I didn't wanna talk I didn't even know your name But the way that you moved your body I could tell that you were game As I moved a little closer to you You cast your spell on me I didn't wanna stop Didn't wanna miss a beat Cos the passion inside of you Knocked me off my feet There was nothing I could do about it You had a hold over me It must have been plain to see But don't go jumping to conclusions I ain't looking for romance I'm having the best time now But please understand Don't even think that I Wanna run away with you Never assume that I Could ever feel the way you do Who said a thing about Love forever true Don't even dream about Dream about it You led me to your ride Pulled the soft top down I could tell I'd got your motor running As we cruised through town As a warm breeze strokes your body I felt you touching me It wasn't just a fantasy Don't ever dream that this could be More than just sexuality Just 'cos I'm knocking boots with you You ought to think yourself lucky To land yourself a squeeze like me So you just appreciate it Before you go and waste it

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