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When omens of all portant come to be and the ancient ones rise up from the sea and the winged one comes forth from the moon The one will appear whose heart knows no fear When those who dream in Ryleh draw near Bringing forth their mockery of flesh and our doom A King of Kings, the druid he brings To test his soul in the fire that sings A dragon's song from an age that fell to dust He holds the Dragon Throne Wielder of Atlantean Steel All men at arms they gather round To see if he is the one that they found To deliver them from the fate the demons bring He mounts his throne, his face set as stone All who are false are charred to the bone By the dragon's flame that reckons the real King Witch woman, white godess Daughter of Poseidonous She holds the key to defeat the beast He holds the Dragon Throne Wielder of Atlantean steel He holds the Dragon Throne Wielder of the steel And it's out on his quest for he will know no rest armed only with his sword the druid has blessed Through magick storms and blood feast [Solo] Ah, she had been found Mayana, the white Goddess from the sea She who held the talisman to defeat the beast I will grant this strength for your boon if here with me you reside for one moon spake Mayana, the White Godess from the sea He rode two horses to death on the way And when his feet hit the dirt he was in the melee And his gleaming steel from his scabbard flew wild and free And last died the demon King For Elaks hand held a beating thing Mayana gave her heart the talisman He holds the Dragon Throne Wielder of Atlantean steel He holds the Dragon Throne Wielder of the steel

Versurile versurile versurile asculta asculta asculta Dragon Throne. Album cantece melodia muzica versuri Cauldron Born muzica straina cuvintele versuri muzica.

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