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You don`t know me Think you can judge me Budge me rape me Love me. You wait for me to Just believe you Like all the times before I was young then Ask for it again I feal the sweat in my eyes How could you treat me Just like a child when I couldn`t even realize. Do you love me Do you need me Maybe someday Yeah Do you please me So I`ll please you Don`t drag me Don`t you drag me down. Now I know you Think that I love you Trust you want you Don`t you You want me to Be free to Say anything on my mind I can`t understand Why another man Wouldn`t leave you alone Maybe the don`t See what I see I hope your left on your own

Album muzica straina Drag Me Down melodiei mp3 cantece melodiei versuri. cuvintele God Lives Underwater cuvinte muzica versuri muzica mp3.

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